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Single Drawn Or Double Drawn Hair

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Difference between Single Drawn and Double Drawn Remy Human Hair Extensions

Remy human hair extensions can improve your style immensely. This is why so many women have these extensions added to their hair. However, they do have to make a choice about the type of extensions they want. There are two very popular types of human hair extensions: single drawn and double drawn. To make the appropriate selection, it is best to clearly determine what the differences are between the two.

Single Drawn Hair Explained

As the name suggests, single drawn hair is hair that have been cut from one donor. Specifically, the hair will be cut from a donor’s ponytail. This creates somewhat of a consistency among the strands of hair which will appeal to certain women since the consistency can have a direct effect on the look of the extensions once they are fixed in place. You could say consistency gives a more realistic appearance.

Single drawn hair will have some short strands of hair in them. One thing to note about the short hairs present in the ponytail is that they have to be removed in order to maintain a consistent look. In order to help facilitate this, the hair is commonly sold in the range of 15″ to 18″ in length. However, it is also possible to find single drawn hair that is in the range of 10″, 12″,14″ in length. Unfortunately, you may find that this type of hair extension is uneven.

Double Drawn Hair Explained

Double drawn hair does not present the same problem. It is comprised exclusively of hair that is the exact same length. The process required to create double drawn hair is quite expansive and upwards of 10lbs of hair is required to create a single pound of 18″ hair. The actual process to make this type of hair requires it to be double processed in order to craft the shorter length. The process is also a painstaking one. It has to be performed by hand and can take quite a long time to arrive at a finished product. This certainly will have a major impact on the price of the double drawn hair and the expensive cost clearly reflects this high cost. Many will be more than willing to pay the higher price for the double drawn hair extensions if they are happy with the look it can present to them.

Factors Weighing into a Selection

There are many different factors that will weigh into a selection of single or double weave Remy hair extensions. For example, some may prefer the single drawn hair because they come from one source and others will prefer the double drawn extensions because the multiple sources contribute to the look they most desire.

There is no right or wrong approach to selecting the proper Remy hair extensions. You may wish to take your time make an appropriate selection since you do eventually want to be happy with the extensions you select. If you are not sure which extensions are best for you, it would be appropriate to discuss your selection with your stylist. Learn more about remy or non remy.