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How to select your lace color

How to select your lace color

The key to achieving that undetectable look is selecting the lace color that best matches your complexion. Our lace colors range from “transparent” to “Dark Brown”. Use the information below as a guide to determine your lace color.

(PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot find the lace color that is a perfect match; rule of thumb: it is better to select a color slightly too light as opposed to one too dark).

You want to select the lace color that matches your scalp complexion; not your skin tone. Examine your scalp, part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color. When you part the unit, you want it to appear as your natural scalp color.

Consider These Guidelines – Lace Color Choice:

– Transparent: For very Light, Cream or Caucasian scalp tones.

– Light Brown: For Light Brown scalp tones.

– Brown: For Medium Brown scalp tones.

– Dark Brown: For very Dark Brown scalp tones.

Special Note to Hair Loss Customers: If you have total hair loss, the lace will be sitting directly on top of your scalp – you may choose Transparent lace, as it will pick up on your natural skin tone. However, if your scalp is brown or a very dark complexion with total hair loss, consider the light brown lace as it will give you a little more color and compliment your scalp.