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Nano Ring Installation, Removal & Maintenance

Nano Ring Installation, Removal & Maintenance

This method is so simple! Favored by Professional Stylists!
Tools needed: A pulling hook, Guide Shields, Positioning Clips and Pliers.

Step by step NANO HAIR Extension Process

Create a horizontal part at the bottom of the head, about 2 cm to the top of the hair line and comb up 2 cm width hair strands. It is important to have them of the same thickness as the extension strands.

Before application, we recommend deep cleaning client’s hair without using conditioner or any oily base product.

Start sectioning client’s hair from bottom to top.

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Step 1, Section client’s hair Step 2, Insert pulling needle through Nano ring Step 3, Grab a portion of client’s hair with pulling needle Step 4, Slide the portion of hair through the Nano ring
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Step 5, Hold the Nano .5 to 1 inch from scalp Step 6, Insert tipped hair through the Nano Ring, bring inserted tip and the nano to 1/2 Inch from scalp Step 7, Apply pressure to Nano Ring using pliers. Finished and repeat steps Remember:
The more you flatten the Nano ring the better it will stay in,  but the more difficult it will be to remove.

Wait 24 hours after receiving the hair extension service to wet, shampoo your hair.

Removal of Nano Rings.  Easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!

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1. Put the tube vertically in first groove of tube opener and apply pressure slowly.
2. Pinch until the ring crumbles and slide it off
3. Finish. Slide the ring pieces and extension strand out of the natural hair.
If you installed with silicone lined nano beads, you will also slide the silicone liner off the natural hair.

Maintenance Guide: Recommendations

  • Use Marquesa Hair extension brush to make your extension last longer, look more natural and easier to manage.
  • Use Marquesa Hair care products recommendations to maximize the life and shine of your hair extensions and leave your own hair and extensions, feeling silky and soft.

Nano Ring Maintenance Guide

1• Do not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after your Marquesa service, including initial and maintenance services. This will give enough time for the tip to settle and ensure that your extensions will not slide out through premature contact with cleansing chemicals.

2• Expect to see small quantities of naturally released hair trapped in the bonds after some time. This is quite normal and should not be interpreted as hairs being pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves. These ends can be cut by your stylist to minimize tangling close to the bonds.

3• Prior to bed, pull your hair back into a soft ponytail to prevent tangling while sleeping. Use a Marquesa Satin Pillowcase to allow your hair to move freely while you sleep.

4• Return to your salon two weeks after your extensions have been applied for a check-up appointment. It may be necessary to replace a few strands if they have not settled correctly.

5• If you experience bond slippage or any discomfort, contact your Marquesa Certified technician to determine the cause and remedy the situation.


  1. Brush your hair twice a day using a Marquesa brush which is specifically designed for Marquesa hair extensions. Do not use hard brush strokes. Separate your applied strands using your fingers and slowly brush close to the scalp. This will avoid matting in this area. Do not use a hard bristled brush. This may cause the extension strands to slip out.
  2. Use a wide toothed comb to gently remove tangles from mid-strands to hair ends. Do not use a comb near the scalp area and the Marquesa bonds.


Curling irons and hot rollers may be used on Marquesa hair extensions, but keep them at least 3cm to 4cm away from the hair bonds.


  1. Do not use products that contain sulphur, such as dandruff shampoos. Use recommended Marquesa products that are especially designed to improve the condition of your hair extensions.
  2. When showering, tilt your head back and cleanse from the top of the head downward.
  3. Avoid facing your head downward. Condition using the Marquesa Conditioner and de-tangle only from mid-strand to end, avoiding the scalp area.
  4. After showering, apply the Marquesa Anti-Tap Water remedy to restore your hair’s natural ph balance. Dry your hair by wrapping it with a Marquesa Microfibre Headwrap or a towel to remove moisture. Always dry the base area thoroughly to avoid bond breakdown. Avoiding drying in a scrubbing motion. If using a blow dryer, use a medium to low heat and finish with a cool shot once the hair is completely dry.


  1. Activities that result in a constant, damp environment, especially swimming in sea water and chlorine, may lessen the longevity of your Marquesa hair extensions. Prior to swimming, wet the hair completely to prevent chlorine and salt water sticking to your hair. Immediately after swimming, apply the Marquesa Anti-Tap Water remedy to eliminate damage from alkalinity in water and dry the base area as prescribed above.