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Men’s Baldness Scale

Men’s Baldness Scale

HAMILTON-NORWOOD SCALE – Hair Loss Classification System

The Norwood Hamilton Scale is a way to measure the extent of your male pattern baldness, and is the generally accepted standard when describing hair loss for men in general.

Men typically lose hair in different patterns. The most common areas are the temples, on the top back of the head (known as the vertex), and diffuse thinning where hair over large areas begins to thin, without a specific change to the hairline. Combinations of these types of losses also occur. The following scale can be used to categorize the severity of your baldness.

A hair loss classification system is also important  as a common reference point against which to measure the efficacy of available options.  At levels 5 and higher, the effectiveness of treatments such as minoxidil or finasteride becomes highly limited.  At this point your solution is an alternative hair such as toupees or a hair piece.  We carry various types of hair pieces for you to choose from.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance. Here are here to help!


Level 1:
Full head of hair with no visible signs of hair loss.

Level 2:
Hair starts to recede around the frontal region of head.

Level 3:
Hair recedes deeper into the frontal and temporal regions. Same pattern as Level 2, but more visible.

Level 4:
Hairline has drastically receded in the frontal and temporal regions. There is beginning to show balding in the parietal region.

Level 5:
The same pattern of baldness as in level 4 but there is a decrease in hair density.

Level 6:
The strip of hair that once connecting the two temporal regions of the scalp is no longer visible.

Level 7:
The hair has receded all the way to the occipital region of the scalp and the temporal regions no longer have hair.