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Keratin Flat Tip Extensions Installation & Removal

Keratin Flat Tip Extensions Installation & Removal

flat tip application image

The following information contains the Keratin Flat Tip Installation and  Removal

The Very fist thing you need to do is Consult with your clients thoroughly. It is important you and your customer understand the Investment she is just about to make.

You should include in the Client’s Consultation is the MOST important part of the Keratin Flat Tip Hair Extension process.

Ask questions!
Make sure your customers understands they will be a crucial part in the life of their new hair extensions.

Why does the client want to have hair extensions applied?

Do they have thinning hair?

Will the hair not grow as long as desired?

Do they want to add color?

It is critical to discover why your customer’s desire Flat Tip Hair Extensions over any other type. Determine the quantity of hair you will need to obtain the effect you want.

For the Keratin Flat tip application, you will need at least 125 strands of hair to complete a full head application. It will depend on how much volume and length your customer wants for you to determine what amount of hair you will need.

Once you have established your customer’s needs, set up the appointment! Allow 3-4 hours for an average application time. (Allow more time for your first application.)

Get Prepared for Flat Tip Extensions Installation &  Removal
The following items will be necessary for the successful Keratin Flat Tip application.
1. Marquesa Deep clarifying shampoo
2. Hair dryer
3. Flat-iron
4. Comb/brush
5. Sectioning clips, banana clips
6. Applicator tool
7. Protector/sectioning shield
8. Marquesa Flat Tip Hair Extensions Hot Fusion Tool

It is important for you to have all of your tools and equipment ready for your client’s arrival. Drape your customer and star the application.

Keratin Flat Tip Application Step By Step

Step One.
Shampoo and clarify your client’s hair. We recommend washing the hair two times. Scrub well. With this process, you want to remove any oils, conditioners, and products from the customer’s hair. If there is residue left on the hair cuticle, the keratin bond will not adhere to the hair. Therefore the bond will slip from the hair. Be sure your client has thoroughly CLEAN hair and understand the maintenance process.

Step Two.
Dry your client’s hair:

Do not use a comb or brush; the hair will be very tangled due to the clarifying shampoo. Dry the hair without using any tools. Then, then once the hair is thoroughly dry, comb through.
Step Three.
Smooth and Flat Iron your client’s hair, especially if your customer has curly hair! The flat iron process is imperative to tame the curly, unruly hair and allow for the easiest application of the Keratin Flat Extensions process.
Step Four.
Make your first section around the parameter of your customer’s head from the nape around to the temples. Leave about ¾ of an inch space of hair to cover the flat keratin bonds.
Step Five.
Make your first strand section. Using your sectioning/protector guard, make your attachment section. You will need to match as close as possible the section of hair to the size of the Keratin Flat Tip. Don’t take too much hair because it won’t all hold in the bond. Don’t take too little hair because it could pull out of the client’s scalp, which could lead to bumps and bald patched on your customer’s head.
After determining the proper section size, check for any fly away and cross hairs. With your hair section in one hand, place the flat tip under the section, between your fingers. Holding the hair just below the bond, use you applicator tool and gently tap the bond with the hair for 2-3 seconds. You will see the bond melt.
After you see the bond melt, set down your tool and use your fingers to flatten the keratin bond into the section. Check that the bond is evenly attached to the hair. If it is not, you may tap the bond again and flatten again. Be careful not to repeat this procedure too many times on a single bond, a little bit of the keratin is left on the tool with each tap.

Repeat the procedure around your first section.
To make your next section, measure two fingers width space and follow the same path from the back of the head around the sides. Complete this process until you are satisfied with the fullness or you reach the lowest part of the crown. Do not apply any keratin bonds on the top of the head.

Some clients may want to add some strands of hair through the front and fringe area. Adding a few strands is not impossible, but it will require the Keratin Tip to be split in half of the weight to disguise the flat extensions. You need to make sure your client understands that this area of the head is harder to conceal.

Step Six.
Blending your Keratin Flat Tip Extensions

Use a hair cutting razor to cut and blend into any desired style. If you are not proficient with a hair razor, you may pinpoint cut and slide cut. A hair razor is the best tool for cutting and blending hair extensions.
Step Seven.
Set up your one-month follow-up appointment and give aftercare instructions to your customer.


Removal of Keratin Flat Tip Extensions

flat tip removal

Keratin Flat Tip Extensions are easy to remove!

Simply, break the bond using the removal plier by crunching several times around the bond using the plier removal tool.

Holding the client’s hair above the bond securely, gently pull by the end of the extension hair or on the bond, the bond will detach from the customer’s hair.

If it does not pull smoothly, use the plier tool to crunch the bond several more times and pull by the end of the extensions hair again.

Some bonds may require more work than others. You are Done!