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Premium Virgin Hair Vs Deluxe Virgin Colored Hair

Our exclusive collection of Virgin REMY European (Russian), Brazilian, and Indian Remy hair is available only in Natural off black also called Natural #1B or #2.  Our Collection of European Russian Virgin hair is Available on color #6 And #7. Color has not been added to our Complete Deluxe Virgin Collection.  All Our Premium Remy hair has been for added a VERY  SLOW coloring process in order to maintain a perfect balance between the hair cuticle and the Luster of our hair.

Natural off black Virgin Hair has the perfectly balanced combination of black and brown natural colors to give you that seamless natural look you are looking for.

Because virgin hair is collected from only one donor and kept on a pony tail, it has only gone through a cleaning and disinfectant process. Marquesa Deluxe Remy Hair is never colored and is sold in its natural state, because of this reason there may be slight variations in color between bundles.

If you want a specific color, that you do not see on this website,  we also offer a wide variety of custom made colors, specifically design for you.  Please contact us, for a free consultation.

   Virgin Hair Color Tips

– Natural Off-black, color #1b,  is the best combination of natural black/brown colors and suits almost anyone.

– Keep your skin complexion in mind when choosing your hair color.

– Look for those colors closest to your natural hair color, to make your new hair undetectable.

– If you are coloring your hair for the first time, it’s best to have it done by a professional. We do not recommend you do it yourself the first time.
Like all Marquesa hair products, Our Deluxe Virgin Virgin Brazillian  Remy hair is never chemically treated. It has intact cuticles running in the same direction and does not tangle. This is the ULTIMATE hair category.

What makes Our Deluxe Virgin Remy hair unique?
Our Virgin Remy hair is lustrous, strong and versatile; easily styled into straight, wavy, or curly styles. It blends naturally and effortlessly with thicker hair types.

Regardless of the texture, our Deluxe Virgin Remy hair can be blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, and dyed and will still effortlessly maintains its luster and vitality after several months of use. Our Virgin Brazilian Remy hair is available in natural off-black (#1b) or (#2) color. Custom colors are available (requiring the hair to be dyed). See our colored collection for details.

Like all Marquesa hair products, Our Virgin Brazilian Remy hair is never chemically treated. It has intact cuticles running in the same direction and does not tangle.

Why should I use virgin Remy hair when hair from beauty supply stores is cheaper?
Most hair from beauty supply stores is not virgin or Remy, despite being marketed as such. Non-Remy hair needs to be chemically treated to avoid tangling. This treatment involves an acid bath, after which the hair is coated with silicone to make it shiny and tangle free. This chemically treated hair will lose its luster and become dull, stiff, and dry after a few washes and weeks of wear.

Even if this hair is less expensive, you will have to replace it more often, and you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Real virgin Remy hair, however, has never been processed. Remy means all cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, making it tangle free. Virgin Remy hair looks and behaves like natural hair and blends beautifully with your own hair. Also, if you take care of this hair, just as you do your own hair, it will last a year or more.

Can my new virgin Remy hair be colored?
Virgin hair has never been chemically processed or altered in any way and can therefore handle coloring very well. We do not recommend recoloring our colored Remy hair because it has already been dyed. Double coloring the hair may lead to premature shedding and dryness. You can select one from our Color Ring offered in our Premium Colored Remy hair Collection or order our Virgin Remy hair and have a stylist custom color your hair for you.

What color is the virgin Remy hair?
Our virgin natural hair comes in Natural off Black, which is slightly lighter than a #1B and (#2) in color and darker than a 3.  For European hair, Colors (#1B), (#2),  #6 and #7 are available on Remy Virgin Hair. All other Colors are colored treated.  Because our virgin hair is completely natural, we can’t guarantee a specific shade. For a specific color you should order from our colored Premium Remy Hair Color Collection.
See our Color Chart for a list of available colors.

  European TRUE Virgin Remy Human Hair 

Indian, Brazilian & Malaysian TRUE Virgin Remy Human Hair

Colored Hair Questions

Why would I buy colored hair from Marquesa instead of having the color done by my stylist?
Some customers choose to have their virgin Remy hair colored by their stylist so they can do a strand test and see how the color looks firsthand. On the other hand, customers order Premium colored Remy hair from us because they like consistency and those who have already worn our colors can expect the same result from future purchases. Buying Premium colored Remy hair allows you to avoid the additional cost and time of having your hair dyed by a stylist.

Should my stylist do anything different when coloring my virgin hair?
We recommend always doing a strand test before coloring. This way you can experiment with colors without ruining an expensive hairpiece or extensions. Use a clarifying treatment before doing any coloring to remove buildup in the hair. Because our hair is human virgin natural hair, it can be dyed just as you would your own hair.

Can I recolor colored hair?
We do not recommend coloring our pre-colored hair because it has already been dyed. Double coloring the hair may lead to premature shedding and dryness. We recommend buying our 100% Deluxe True Virgin Remy hair and allow your stylist to do the coloring.

What is the difference between Remy colored hair and non-Remy colored hair?
Remy colored hair is the highest-quality colored hair you can purchase. Our Premium Remy colored hair is 100%  Deluxe Virgin Remy hair that has been dyed to achieve a specific color. Just like our Premium Virgin Remy hair the cuticle layer is completely intact and flowing in the same direction similar to your natural hair, which prevents tangles. On the other hand,  Non-Remy colored hair may not have a full cuticle layer and it may not be flowing in the same direction.  This is BAD hair that has been stripped from its cuticle and then coated with silicone to give it a smooth finish. Although our Premium or Deluxe Virgin Remy hair is more expensive, if you plan on a long-term style, it is worth higher cost.