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Our Premium Hair Line Collection

Marquesa Colored Hair F.A.Q.

Why would I buy colored hair from Marquesa instead of having the color done by my stylist?

Some customers choose to have their virgin Remy hair colored by their stylist so they can do a strand test and see how the color looks firsthand. On the other hand, customers order Premium colored Remy hair from us because they like consistency and those who have already worn our colors can expect the same result from future purchases. Buying colored Remy hair allows you to avoid the additional cost and time of having your hair dyed by a stylist. Please refer to our color chart for reference and more colored hair options.

 Should my stylist do anything different when coloring my virgin hair?

We recommend always doing a strand test before coloring. This way you can experiment with colors without ruining an expensive hairpiece or extensions. Use a clarifying treatment before doing any coloring to remove buildup in the hair. Because our hair is human virgin natural hair, it can be dyed just as you would your own hair.

 Can I recolor colored hair?

We do not recommend recoloring our colored Remy hair because it has already been dyed. Double coloring the hair may lead to premature shedding and dryness. We recommend buying our 100% virgin Remy hair and allowing your stylist to do the coloring.

 What is the difference between Remy colored hair and non-Remy colored hair?

Remy colored hair is the highest-quality colored hair you can purchase. Our Remy colored hair is nothing but Virgin Remy hair that has been dyed to achieve a specific color. Just like our Virgin Remy hair the cuticle layer is completely intact and flowing in the same direction, similar to your natural hair, which prevents tangles. On the other hand Non-Remy colored hair may not have a full cuticle layer and it may not be flowing in the same direction. Although Remy colored hair is more expensive, if you plan on a long-term style, it is worth higher cost.