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Heat Shrinkies Tubing Method

Heat-Shrink Tubing

clear shrinkies27shrinkies_brownwhite shrinkies

CLEAR                               BLACK                      BROWN                                  WHITE

To be used with I tip Hair Extensions

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Shrinkies or shrink tubes as they are sometimes called are tiny plastic tubes that are lined with keratin. They work literally by shrinking around your hair and the I TIP EXTENSION when heat is applied. These are virtually undetectable, lightweight and very secure. The shrinkies tube size for this hair extension method are; 3.5 x 3.1 x 10mm (outer dia. x inner dia. x length), 2.4mm*8mm Length,  2.4mm*8mm Length, 2.4mm Lenght, 3.2mm*8mm Lenght,  3.2mm Lenght  and packaged in 50, 100, 200 or 500 Pieces Per Pack, your Choice

Perfect for all hair types, especially fine for thin hair as they can be hidden easily and they feel very natural. Shrinkies method of hair extensions can last between 2-3 months as they grow out with your own hair, after this period it is recommended that you take them out as to avoid tangling as the hair will have grown approximately 1 inch. The good news is that the extensions (if in good condition) can be re-used. This kind of extensions are affected by heat, please make sure you blow dry your hair on a cool setting, as the bonds can melt.

To attach this type of hair extensions, a small section of your own hair is gently pulled through small plastic shrink tubes, also is known as shrinkies. The pre-bonded or I tips strands are placed inside the tubes.  Heat is then applied to the Clear/Transparent, Black or Brown tube, causing them to then shrink around both,your hair and the I tip hair or Pre-tip extension. The purpose is to wrap your own hair and the hair extension strand like a cocoon.  Shrink tubes come in a variety of color combinations to create highlights or lowlights. This method should blend in well with your own hair.  These extensions are more practical and should last about three months with aftercare and regular maintenance.