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Hats & Headwear for Chemotherapy

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Hats and Headwear for Cancer patients

As a cancer patient, there is so little you can do while going through chemotherapy and losing your hair, it is out of your control. You have no control over what the cancer is doing to your body, and you do not have a choice in losing your hair. But you do have control over how you choose to deal with your hair loss. Many cancer patients begin wearing cancer hats or stylish turbans and enjoy the experimentation part of covering their lack of hair with different hats or turbans designed or cancer patients.

What Should You Look for in Hats for Cancer Patients?

How you feel is key when choosing chemo hats or anything else going on your head. As you begin losing your hair in the battle against cancer, you may experience a vast of symptoms in your scalp. As your hair falls out, the scalp becomes increasingly sensitive, making the need for soft and comfortable chemo caps, or wigs are crucial. The perfect hats for cancer patients should be manufactured out of very soft materials, preferably cotton. This material allows your skin to breathe and causes less discomfort, for an already irritated and sensitive scalp. Some patients prefer wearing head wraps to cover their heads instead of hats.  Most chemo caps are lined with an ultra-soft, anti-allergenic lining. Since the lining is the portion that makes contact with your scalp, this is the most important aspect of any hats for chemo patients. Once you have found the hats that feature a comfortable liner, then you can proceed to choose the style you like best.

Find Beautiful Cancer Hats to Make You Feel Gorgeous Again.

Feeling out of control with your health often causes women want to be in greater control of their appearance. Having a wide variety of chemo hats to choose from can make you feel comfortable in your skin again. At Marquesa, we understand what it feels like to lose your hair due to cancer and we want to help you in your quest to feel beautiful once again.

We invite you to browse through the many styles of hats for cancer patients we offer and find the perfect one for you. We would be more than happy help you in finding hats to make you feel better.  No matter what style you are after, we can help you locate the one that makes your personal statement and lets the world know you are fighting cancer with all your strength.  We invite you to visit our Show Room  and browse through an assortment of options.

We are located at 3105 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove, Florida, or you may choose to give us a call (305)- 444-4414 for advice.  Whatever you decide, we are here to help you feel better and look better.


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