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Skin Weft / Tape In Hair Extensions Re-Taping

How to Retape – Our Seamless Skin Weft / Tape In


Skin Weft Removal & Re-Taping

  • To reuse a Skin Weft Tape – In extension, simply apply Tape-In bond remover to clean off adhesive residue and remove the wefts. Then, using our Replacement Tape. Organize each extension strand upon removal so that each strand can be reattached in the same position as before. This will prevent you from having to re-blend the extensions. Thoroughly wash out the bond remover, ensuring that it’s completely washed off before re-installing. Clarify the client’s hair as appropriate and begin the installation.


  • Using a styrofoam head
  • Once the extensions are taken out, your chance of placing the wefts back in the same place on your client’s head without a system is almost impossible. In order to make this process go smooth and faster, use a styrofoam head. As you’re removing the wefts out, place them on the Styrofoam head in the same order you take them out as. That way, once everything is clarified, you’ll know just where to place the tabs back on your client’s head again.
  • Clarifying client’s hair, IMPORTANT.
  • The Skin wefts should be 100% clarified and without any leftover tape or residue from the prior application. To do this, you’ll need clarifying shampoo and baking soda. In a small bowl, add one part shampoo and one part baking soda, mix well.
  • First, wash the wefts with clarifying shampoo.
  • The second time you wash, use the shampoo-baking soda mix.
  • The third time, wash them again with the clarifying shampoo (The baking soda will act as a gentle abrasive to remove any traces of tape residue). Clean and dry thoroughly.

Remember to place the wefts back on the styrofoam head as you’re washing them to ensure proper placement and alignment.