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Skin Weft / Tape In Hair Extensions Application & Removal


Marquesa Skin Weft / Tape In

Seamless Hand Tied PU Installation

Steps by Step SEAMLESS Hand Tied Pu Weft – Application: 
1. Section the natural hair where your first extension will be placed.
2. Using your tail comb, pick up a thin slice of natural hair as wide as your tape extensions (you will apply extensions to both sides of this natural hair slice).
3. Peel away the tape backing of your first extension.
4. Hold the natural hair and position the tape hair underneath it.
5. Press the natural hair downward into the tape leaving space between the scalp and the extension.
6. Peel away the backing of your second hair extension.
7. Place this piece directly over the first, sandwiching the natural hair in between.
8. Press the extension pieces together.
9. Continue this process until you have completed your desired installation.

While you are installing extensions, be sure to double check to see that you are not placing the extensions out on the sides. This will make them visible. Your extensions should always be covered underneath the  hair.

  Seamless Skin Weft  Placement

Seamless Placement Diagram 

Removing Tape Hair Extensions:

Marquesa’s Seamless Skin weft hair extension removal is simple, fast, and non-damaging to your hair. Our Skin weft extensions tabs can then be cleaned and re-applied with new tape.

To secure that your client’s hair stay, healthy and shiny, make sure your client comes back for the Skin Weft hair extension’s maintenance.

Learn how to remove tape-in hair extensions that have reached the end of their life cycle.

Items Needed: 
Tail Comb
Liquid Gold Remover

Skin Weft Removal

seamless removal

1. Place several drops of the remover onto the installation point.
2. Rub it in.
3. Use the end of a comb to gently pull apart the two layers of adhesive.
4. Add several more drops of the remover so that it penetrates deeper into the adhesive (if necessary).
5. Push into the adhesive with the end of the comb.
6. As the tape hair begins to lift, gently lift the extensions away from the natural hair.
7. Comb through the natural hair to remove any remaining residue.
8. Wash the natural hair and the extension hair, clean with 90% alcohol, let dry and re-tape.

Finishing Application

Blending and Styling Tools:

    • Shears
    • Hair Cutting Scissors
    • Feathering Razor
    • Comb