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Skin Weft – Tape In Hair Extensions

SKIN WEFTS (also known as Tape In )

With double-sided tapes on the hair, it will make the application easy to handle. To modify the length of your hair or add colors would be completed in a few minutes.

Our Fazil – Tape-in hair extensions are the newest, most revolutionary method to hit the hair extension market. The Tape-in hair method is designed with a light strip of adhesive on the tip of the extensions that bonds the extensions to the head. Tape-in hair extensions are easy to maintain, quick to apply and remove, and incredibly natural looking.

Our Tape extensions are made using top quality, double bonded Remy Human Hair. They are made with professional level Lace Support Tape, to ensure a firm hold. Each package contains 40 pieces, which creates 20 sandwiches. There is a total of 100 grams per package. We carry them in 16″, 18″, 20″, and 22″ in textures; Silky Straight, Body Wave, and Body Wave.

The tape in extensions method, if properly applied, and cared for and made with high-quality hair, are phenomenal.

Our Tape hair extensions are the latest technology in hair extensions.

Our Tape In method is fast, easy to fit and very comfortable to wear. The Tape-In hair extensions are also the least damaging of all the bonding techniques as the weight is spread over a 4cm area and placed against the scalp. Each tape is 4cm by 1cm in size. Tape comes in packs of 20 tapes per colour, in 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm.

2.5g per Tape of 4cm

Installation time for a full head is 30-45min.

Half a head: 20 tapes (50g)

Full head: 40 tapes (100g)

South Beach head: 60 tapes (150g)

Our tape hair extensions can be re-usable and can be re-taped by using our special Italian re-bonding replacement tape.  Maintenance on tape extensions must be done every 3weeks to 4 weeks with proper care of your hair.


The extensions are connected by wide band that look like two bits of cellotape. Your own hair is placed between them and they are clamped around the strands. They’re phenomenal, luscious and if you take care of them, this extensions can last.  Since they are reusable, you just need to clean the old adhesive using 90% alcohol, and re-tape them. Ready to be used again.

This is a Professional Quality product that Lies flat, so extensions remain undetectable.  An excellent method of installation for individuals with fine hair. These extensions will provide very little tugging or tension on the head.  They can be cut, washed and styled with heat tools.  A  Soft and Silky extension, very easy to style and will blend with natural hair of most textures.