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I Tip – Selection Guide

Marquesa Micro Links Hair Extensions are between 18-20 Inch in length.  Our hair is of the highest quality and made with  100% Virgin Remy Human Indian, Brazilian or European-Russian Hair. Marquesa Micro Links, I tip Hair Extensions are ideal for active lifestyle clients,  such as athletes and models who experience more stressful environments.  You can feel confident knowing that our pre-bonded, I-Tip stick hair is the absolute best quality human Remy hair there is.

The special Aluminum Micro Links/beads, use during the application are custom made. The type micro links, I tip, silicone lined links, or Micro Rings size to be use with our I tips, is  4.0*2.7*2.7 (Click Here) The Marquesa Micro Beads Hair Extension method are entirely undetectable to the naked eye.

We supply hair extensions Pulling Hooks, Loop Tools, Attachment/Removal Tools, Micro Beads, and Micro Links Hair Extensions Kits. (Click Here)

The number of strands needed for hair extensions applications varies depending on which hair extension brands you are working with.  Example, if you currently use brands such as Great Lengths, So Cap, Hairdreams, Cinderella, Bohyme, or Balmain, you will use approximately 200-250 pieces,  compared to 125-150 pieces of Marquesa Micro Link, I tip  Hair.  Whatever you require of most other professional hair extensions brands, you will need approximately half the amount of Marquesa Hair since our hair strands contain more hair in each strand.  Each of our Marquesa Strand has 0.8g(click here) /PCS of hair.  There are 25 strands per pack,  full and thick towards the bottom, this is double drawn hair.  Marquesa Micro Links, I tip Hair Extensions standard requirements for full head applications for Volume and Length are as follows.  For Volume and Fullness only, use half amount below.  Click Links below to see colors, and buy online now:


This method of hair extensions is the most preferred by those that desire a natural looking hair extensions.  Our Microring method, isthe only hair extensions method that don’t require the use of braids, heat, adhesives (glue), chemicals, sewing, or braiding methods. This technique will last up to 5 months.

How many different types of Micro Rings are there? (sometimes also called Micro Links or Micro Beads)-

There are 5 types of Micro Rings or Links.

Often different names for them are used by different stylist, so if you run across a different name, don’t worry because they will be one of the below rings.

There are different names for Micro Rings;  Micro Beads, Micro Locs, Micro Cylinders, Micro Tubes, HairLocs, Linkies, cold fusion, non-glue method and many other names.

Tips-smIMPORTANT TIP: Many sellers sell inferior rings. These inferior rings will have rough, jagged or sharp metal edges, and are produced by poor machine quality shops.  Marquesa Hair only sells professional quality rings! Smooth edges and of excellent quality metals.

Marquesa Hair rings are all made out of hypo-allergic aluminum or copper, colored to match the hair extensions in Black, Dark Brown, Med. Brown, Lt. Brown,  Auburn Brown, Lt. Blonde, and Dark Blonde.

To attach the I tip hair extensions, you simply pull a strand of your hair through the micro ring using the threading tool, thread the I tip extension into the ring from the bottom and clamp it shut with the clamping tool.

  1. Regular Micro Rings small aluminum rings with a smooth interior. These are the least expensive rings. They do tend to slip more than the other type of rings because of the soft interior and may need to be moved up to scalp again during an install. We do not sell them and do not recommend them.
  2. Screw Micro Rings – Have a screw-thread, or grooves on the inside wall to grip the hair better and to keep it from slipping too much. They work very well if your hair is very smooth or slippery. Also of you tend to have oily hair, even if you often wash it, they may be your best bet as silicone rings may slip more in hair that tends to oil production.  Also, they are the smallest of all the rings.
  3. Silicone Copper Micro Rings – Have a silicone lining on the inside wall to cushion hair if you have fragile and damaged, over processed hair. They do work well, but are a bit bigger in size than screw rings, because of the silicone lining. We only sell silicone rings made of copper because they will close smaller and are more comfortable than silicone aluminum rings sold in most all other stores.
  4. Copper Micro Tubes – Are longer than Micro Rings at 6mm instead of 2mm to 2.5mm in length, but the metal is thinner and lighter. Because of the added length, they grip very well and do not slip too much. They lay flatter than Micro Rings because copper clamps flatten more than aluminum. They also have a little “lip” on the bottom which makes it easier to thread the extensions into the cylinder. Also, you do not need to apply a lot of pressure to close or open them. The Copper Micro Tubes could be used when a client has oily hair.  The microtubes can be “folded” in half lengthwise and double crimped to hold even better. However, when folding the micro tubes, you will need pliers with a crimping notch and a removing tool with long “fangs” to reopen the folded tubes.
  5. Shrinkies – Shrink Links (shrink tubes, shrinkies, etc.) Type of Hair used: “I” tip, loose (rare) Tools needed: shrink links, fusion wand, threader, protective template (optional, but recommended!). These are plastic-like tubes, usually a slightly yellow in color due to the adhesive. Also available in black. Our Adhesive Shrinkies have a superior shrink ratio and an adhesive lining to keep your hair extensions secure for a longer time.

With our shrinkies, there’s no need to roll with your fingers after they’re heated as they conform down correctly.

Our Super Shrinkies are larger in diameter and can be used in place of rubber bands, so they’re perfect for finishing off pinch braids and heat seal hair extensions.

Our most popular size Shrinkie, the Standard Length is a top favorite among professional stylists.

Shrinkies can be used with all types of extension hair and are easy to install and remove.

Micro-Ring Loop Puller – This loop is for an easy micro-ring installation. Easily load the rings on the looper (threader) without the use of a needle.


Available in 10 Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Med. Brown, Lt. Brown,  Auburn Brown, Lt.Blonde, and Dark Blonde. Shrinkies; clear and black

Choose a color ring that matches the closest to the colour of the extension’s TIPS .

Silicone Micro Rings for Applying I-Tips
3 sizes available: small, large, x-large

Actual sizes: with or with-out Silicone
We give you the inside diameter, outside diameter and height
Small: 2mm inside, outside 4mm, 2.5 height
Large: 2.5mm inside, outside 4.5mm, 3mm height
X-Large: 3mm inside, outside 5mm, 3mm height

Available shrinkies sizes:

2mm Shrinkies & 3mm Shrinkies