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I Tip (Microrings) General

I TIP (Micro Links- Method)


I-Tip hair extensions are quick and easy to apply, as well as extremely natural looking. There is no need for heat, glue, or any type of chemicals. The hair extension is held in place by an aluminum bead that is threaded on the inside or cushing silicone inside which secures the extension without damaging the natural hair. This method will last 6-8 months depending on client’s hair growth. I Tip Hair Extension is a method using micro rings/loop/micro links. This method of application works by inserting the real hair into these micro rings strand by strand and one by one by using tool such as a hook. Using hair pliers for extensions only, the rings or Cylinders are compressed holding the hair and extension together. No glue, no tape, I-tip extensions are perfect for women who want to be healthy and natural.