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Hand Tied Weft


Made with the best craftsmanship ensuring the highest quality. The hair in Hand tied weft is much thinner than machine wefts hair.

Hand Tied hair is wefted hair constructed by hand by skilled workers to create a strong but much finer weft compared to Machine Wefted hair. This is a specialty installation process, so we suggest you check with your stylist before purchasing this product. Our Marquesa Hand tied weft comes in a bundle,specifications:  

  • Marquesa Hand Tied Weft – Each pack contains approximately Weight: 3.9 oz – 4.0oz / 110 grams – 114 grams

Our hair is:

  • 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair
  • Remy Double Drawn Hair (full hair from top to bottom)
  • Natural Virgin Color and Virgin Color Treated Hair
  • Hand Tied – Recommended for Weaving, but please, note that hand tied hair is a specialty install process, and you should check with your stylist before ordering and installing.
  • Each pack contains approximately 3.9oz  to 4.0oz of hair

Marquesa Hand-tied wefts are thinner, more flexible, and less detectable than machine-tied wefts. On the other hand, machine-tied wefts are a bit thicker, but, because their stitches are highly reinforced, they are simpler to work with and also may be cut by bonding the end of the track.

Machine-tied wefts can be cut as long as the ends are bonded. Because machine-tied wefts are redundantly sewn on one track, they are designed to be cut for use in patterning the scalp. If your stylist does not have experience with hand-tied wefts, then we recommend purchasing machine-tied wefts.

We strongly suggest not cutting hand-tied wefts. Cutting will lead to shedding, and the weft may fall apart. Only very experienced stylists should attempt to cut a hand-tied weft, and, even then, the results may not last without a proper bonding agent.

Hand-Tied hair is the product of a fascinating technique that only a skilled person trained in this art of hand-tying can accomplish.  It involves gathering a small amount of hair and looping it between strong weaving threads.  An over-under technique is used to pull the hair through the maze of the thread, thus resulting in a tight, woven weft. It is important not to break the rhythmic looping pattern. If broken, you could end up with a faulty weft as the result.

It is important that you go to a skilled stylist who is accustomed to working with hand-tied wefts.  Hand-Tied wefts cannot be cut.  You must fold the track over if the weft is too long, dab it with a little glue or re-tie the weft.

Marquesa Hair offers hand-tied wefts in the Virgin Remy Hair Collection.  In each package, you will receive  8 pieces of hand-tied hair, depending on the length you desire to purchase.  If you buy 10” to 18” hair, your individual hand-tied pieces of hair are 24” wide.  If you have 20” hair or longer, each hand-tied piece is 20” wide.

Our Hand-Tied Wefts lay totally flat on the scalp, giving you the ultimate, seamless weave application! It is also ideal for clients suffering from a medical condition like, Alopecia and thinning hair, who can’t take the added weight of a machine weft.

Get yourself some Marquesa hand-tied hair and experience a flat and flawless weave!