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Marquesa Hair is committed to provide you with excellent tools and accessories. In order to keep your extensions soft and healthy throughout the time you wear them, it is essential that you are using the recommended products. We have chosen delicately the best products for your extensions; So Pure Natural Balance is 100% pure plant extracts, you will Discover the So Pure Natural Balance hair wellness experience. An exclusive professional hair cosmetic line with color, aromatherapy treatments and styling.

Our aftercare range has been designed specifically for your hair extensions. Our range consists of shampoo and conditioner for your everyday hair care, followed by brushes suitable for use with your new hair extensions. We are constantly evolving to bring you the latest products that are suited to your hair extensions, so you can be sure that you have everything you need to keep you hair looking amazing, feeling soft, and shiny. Our products are not only suitable for Marquesa Hair extensions, but also they could be used on any natural hair and any other 100% human hair attachments.  Enjoy our hair care line and accessories, specially designed with you in mind!