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General Q&A about I tip hair extensions

General Questions about I tip hair extensions


Are stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions different things?

The terms stick tip/i-tip/micro ring are used interchangeably but do necessarily refer to the same thing, with the exception of a “micro loop” which is often also associated with this type of fitting. The method gets its name from the shape of the hair extension bond, and could be compared to the end of a shoelace, where a hard cylinder shape is found at the top of each strand to allow the hair extension to be inserted into its fixture to stay in place.

How are stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extension fitted?

The stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions are installed by using one of the following tools; a flair, a microring, a shrinkie, or a copper cylinder.  What will change is the way is install.

For the Micro, flair or copper ring will need to use a pulling needle to secure the hair extension tip inside the microring.  Use a pair of pliers to press on the ring/tube, close and seal the hair.

For a Shrinkie you will need a heating gun, to shrink the I tip inside the shrinkie.

How are stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions removed?

This type of hair extension is very easy to remove, which is what makes it such a popular method. To remove you would only use your pliers to squeeze the ring that has been pushed flat during the fitting process in the opposite direction so that it opens and the hair extension can slip free.

What’s the difference between a micro ring and micro tube?

A micro ring or micro tube is the type of fixture you will need to fit stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions. Unlike the term stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extension, micro ring, and micro tubes are in fact different items, but they are used for the same purpose. The use of either a micro ring or tube for a fitting will come down to your personal preference as to which you prefer the look of, and also the suitability for your hair type.

Do you need to be qualified to fit stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions?

Yes, to provide this type of hair extension you must be qualified as this is a professional only product. Fitting this kind of hair extension without the correct knowledge can lead to incorrect placement which could cause the wearer discomfort.  For advice on finding someone qualified to fit your hair extensions, please click the link.

Are stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions comfortable?

Yes, when fitted they are a suitable form of hair extension fitting. Having said this, however, many do notice some slight tenderness during the first few days of their fitting while their scalp is adjusting. However, this is deemed perfectly normal and should ease off within a matter of days. If you have had hair extensions fitted and have found them to be uncomfortable for longer than a few days it would be worth contacting your fitter for an assessment to check your scalp and help you improve this so that you can enjoy your hair extensions.

Will you be able to see these extensions?

Again when fitted correctly, stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions are very discrete. The great benefit of this type of hair extension is that you can custom colour match not only the hair, but the ring as well to ensure it blends perfectly. This is practically useful for those blondes out there that have slightly darker roots. This method allows your fitter to use blonde hair to match your overall colour, and a dark ring to match your roots ensuring the hair extensions are as discrete and natural as possible.