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Clip In Application & Removal

Step One:  Brush your own Hair and your hairpiece through evenly to remove all knots

Step Two:  Take your hair from each ear, section it off in a clear curved part across your head and secure with clips.

Step Three:  Open all three snap-lock Clips

Step Four:  Place the middle clips in the center of your part just above the section line, and close the clip.

Step Five: Place one side clip into position along the part and close the clip.

Step Six:  Place the second side clip into position and snap shut.

Step Seven:  Release own hair from hair clip and comb through.

Step Eight:  Enjoy how natural your “New hair” looks and feel.



Hair Extensions from
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USA customers- Delivery will take 1-4 business days depending on time of day ordered & your location
International customers- Delivery will take around 7-10 business days

Clip In Hair Extensions Full head Set 10 piece or 8 Piece

Our quality Clip in Hair Extensions (made from 100% real remy human hair) give you a full head of movie star hair in minutes!

Get movie star glamour in minutes with our easy-to-apply, totally gorgeous, silky, Marquesa Clip in Hair Extensions. Lustrous, soft and shiny, our clip in hair extensions give you a divine crop of long, thick, glamorous hair, that you can use again and again – no fuss!

High Quality 100% European Grade Remy Human Hair, amazingly soft and silky.
Match to your own hair color or mix for highlight.
Allow to making your hair longer and thicker by using the clip in 100% European Grade Remy human hair extensions in different ways.
Lightweight and easy to attach. Snap in and out in seconds.
Wear Marquesa Hair without damaging your hair!

Our 10 Pieces Full head clip in 100%  Remy Human hair set comes with all clips attached and ready to wear.

Our 8 Pieces Full head clip in 100%   Remy Human Hair set comes with all clips attached and ready to wear

Removing your Clip in Hair Extensions

Make sure you open the clips from the edges (not the middle) before removing them. Always brush your hair extensions to remove any knots before taking your hair extensions out.


This method of removal for Clip In extensions is pretty much universal with all brands. You remove clip extensions in a similar fashion as you would remove barrettes from your hair. You’ll want to exercise patience when removing hair clip extensions to avoid pulling out your own real hair in the process.

  • Part your hair to expose the top of the first clip extension for removal. It’s best to start with the clips at the top of your head, and then work your way down.
  • Place your thumbs on both sides on the top of the clip and place your index fingers on both sides underneath where your thumbs are.
  • Press your thumbs down while applying pressure outward with your index fingers. The clip will snap open. If you have more than one clip applied in a section, or if you are using weft hair clip extensions, you’ll want to open all of the clips before removing the extensions for that section.
  • Lift the opened clips up and away from your hair. Be gentle so you don’t pull any of your natural hairs out in the process.
  • Repeat the same process for each section of hair with clip extensions.
  • You are done.