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Full Lace Wigs Questions and Answers

What is a Full Lace Wig?                                                                 lace wig picture

A Full Lace Wig is a type of wig manufactured using a cap and a thin lace sewn on top of the cap. Individual hairs are sewn through the thin lace and then securely knotted and sealed.

When a lace closely matching your skin tone is used; it will be unnoticeable against your skin. Full Lace Wigs have redundant lace all around the unit that requires being cut to match the shape of your natural hairline. A Full Lace Wig is the only hair unit that will allow you to create a natural appearing hairline.

 What is Wig density?                                                                         

density chart

Density refers to the amount of hair that is used to create your Full Lace Wig. The average human head is 100% density; therefore a density greater than 100% will be fuller. The hairline of the Full Lace Wig features a lighter density than the rest of the hair unit to give the most natural appearance. Most women will achieve the most natural look with a light-medium density. Please keep in mind, the ideal density will vary based on personal choice and hair styling preferences.

Remember: The perception of density is affected by the type of hair used, the texture and how is styled. (i.e., rollers, hair spray, and mousse create the illusion of fullness).

Curly and wavy texture hair expands when combed or brushed making it looks fuller. For this reason, two wigs with the same exact hair density can look different based on the type of hair, texture and how it is styled.

Please Refer to our Density Chart. (Click Here)

What is Wig Lace?

Lace is a fine open fabric typically of lightweight cotton or silk material made by looping, twisting, or knitting threads in a pattern with open holes in the work. The lace comes in a variety of tones to blend in with the color of your scalp. The types of wig lace most commonly used are French lace and Swiss lace.

 What types of Lace do you offer?

Marquesa offers 4 types of lace: Swiss, Super Thin Swiss, French & Stretch Lace.

 Swiss lace is a lightweight and delicate fabric. Since it’s thinner than most lace materials lays flat and blends against your scalp which makes it less detectable than most types of lace.

 Super Thin Swiss has similar features but is made of an even thinner material allowing it to be virtually undetectable, surpassed only by adding a silk top.

French Lace  can be used on any lace wig type. French lace is used for most synthetic lace wigs and many high grade lace wigs as well. The difference between French lace and other laces is the durability and thickness. French lace is the most durable lace type for those who are on the go and do not have time to be super delicate with their wig. While you still need to be careful when handling the lace, it is not so fine where you will easily tear it.

 Stretch Lace  A lace wig with stretch Lace in the middle helps takes the guessing away from measuring your head. Most people can be categorized as having a medium head size. However, many who are unsure whether they are a small, medium, or large will get a size in between cap with a stretch material in the center of the wig. The stretch material will allow the wig to expand to the size of the head and in some ways; it can assist securing the hold of the wig, through facial expressions and head movements.

What is a Silk Top? ADD LINK

A silk top consists of two layers of lace with a layer of a thin silk material in between. The hair is inserted through the lace and silk layer and knotted underneath the silk material. This method leaves all the knots concealed under the silk layer making the hair looks as if it’s growing from your scalp. No other technique will provide a more realistic scalp look than a silk top.

 How do I Choose the Lace Color? ADD LINK

The purpose of different lace colors is to imitate your scalp color, not your skin tone. For a better match, part a section of your hair, and look at your scalp color before making your selection.

If you want your scalp to look white, cream or light brown order our Light brown lace.

If you want it to look Medium Brown or Brown, then order our Medium Brown Lace.

For darker scalp tones choose our Dark Brown Lace.

For a safe match, choose our Transparent Lace, which it will reflect your own scalp skin tone.

Our Medium Brown Lace will match many different tones of brown, so it is a good color for most African American and Latina women. Choose our Light Brown Lace to match anything from Light Brown to Light Beige including Caucasian scalp tones.

(Remember: If you can not find the lace color that is a perfect match, it is better to select a lighter color than a darker one)