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What is the difference between French Lace and Swiss Lace

What is the difference between French and Swiss Lace  



Marquesa Hair systems are made of 100% Human Remy Hair from India, Brazil and Europe (Russian-Ukraine) hair. Most of our hair systems are made with a lightweight base material that is almost invisible when secured to the scalp with glue or adhesive tape. We are modern and technologically advanced in the development of wigs and toupees, and everything related to hair replacement.

THE BASE MATERIALS used in the constructionof our master pieces are French Lace, Swiss Lace or Thin skin.  The lace comes in a variety of color for you to choose from. LINK HERE

Swiss Lace1 frech

French Lace

French Lace2 swiss

Swiss Lace


Thin Skin – 0.04mm thick polyurethane

There are two types of lace base: French and Swiss. French lace is very fine but surprisingly hard wearing, it is difficult to tear and will not fray. Swiss lace is even more delicate and is prone to fraying. Unless you look within inches of the scalp or have a very low density then the additional cost of replacing Swiss lace systems more regularly is not necessary. Surprisingly the feel of both is very similar on and off the scalp.

Marquesa Hair use on our Thin Skin bases, 0.04mm thick polyurethane base. This material is extremely light weight and will naturally cling to the scalp. We do recommend that you use a glue or tape for the most secure of holds.

Marquesa HAIR

Our hair is coloured and processed in either of the three factories we use in China, Phillipines, or  India.  Our hair is particularly, handle with Lots of carefulness,  so that when processed (to minimize tangles), (Sterilized)  and coloured (to get the best match possible and maintain an average PH of 4.5. and without depleting Natural cuticle) it is still going to last  months after months.



Both materials, French and Swiss lace bases, the hair is secured with a knot midway along its shaft. Therefore each hair produces two ‘growing’ strands when tied to the base. We have all our systems produced with just one hair in each knot, double knotted and bleached for a natural look.  It is quicker for others factory to achieve a given density, because they attach three to four strands at a time, but this compromises realism. Finally the knot itself is bleached of its colour by the factory and this is then checked by us manually here in the USA, for quality control.

If it’s not good enough, we will sent the merchandise back,  to make sure it is. We only change the color of the knots at the hairline and the crown. Our coloring process is very effective but very powerful. It does weaken knot of the hair which is the reason we only  do the front and crown so you can enjoy your hair system for longer period of time.

In ALL of our Thin Skin system the hair is simply lopped through the base. It is only friction that keeps the hair in place. If you pull hard enough an individual hair can be removed. Marquesa hair can still be combed or brushed as normal although you may notice the odd hair slips over time. For minimum shading, we recommend a brush specially designed to hair units.(LINK-BRUSH)  Because there are no knots the hair appears to be growing out of the scalp all over the system.

Our lace materials are extremely natural. To the untrained eye, it is hard to tell the difference between the two lace types.

Both lace types are undetectable.

The Swiss Lace is slightly thinner, and a little less detectable, however it is also less durable and it tears easier.

The Swiss Lace is not recommended for first time users. It is best to learn how to apply the wig and become skilled at the application prior to advancing to the Swiss Lace.
The French Lace is more durable and will hold up better over the long run.