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Closure & Frontals Care Guide

Care Guide:

By thoroughly observing the following care instructions will allow you keep your closure piece in fabulous condition for an extended period.

It is always better to braid your hair before going to bed, swimming or exercising. Never go to sleep with damp hair.
Prolonged sun exposure, water, and the wind,   could damage the hair. It is also advisable that you keep hair from coming into contact with salt water and chlorine water,  these factors can also contribute to the wear of your hair.

Before washing your hair, it is important first to untangle the hair starting from the bottom up.  Combing out any existing knots will help you to maintain the hair in perfect condition.  Never brush your hair while it is wet.

Wash and rinse with cold to lukewarm water, using a mild shampoo, always follows with conditioner. Much like your hair, the more frequently you wash and style the extensions, the more likely the hair is to dehydrate, so avoid over washing and drying.

Using a towel, gently remove excess of moisture from the hair before you start the blow drying process.  It is advisable that you allow the hair to dry naturally before styling.  Avoid rubbing the hair or twisting it as this can cause it to tangle.

When removing the hair extensions or hair pieces, it is aways necessary to be gentle. If the hair extension (s) are attached with adhesive,  make sure to use the right adhesive remover. It is important that you only use our recommended products in removing the hairpieces. Never remove your extensions with anything other than the corresponding remover.