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V tip Installation & Removal

V Tip Hair Extension Pre-Installation

At Salon & Spa Renova, we are committed to ensuring that every customer is satisfied. Full satisfaction of our extensions can be achieved by the following hair care tips. First and foremost, always wash the extension hair before installation. If there are any problems with the hair, you will be able to detect them at this time. Hold hair and wash in vertical direction.

If you detect any problems, contact us immediately. If there are no problems with the hair within the first two weeks, it can be assumed that the hair is fine. If problems arise after two weeks, the problem does not lie in the hair or workmanship. Please feel free to contact us and we will try to help you resolve your situation.

HOW  to Install v tip, Fusion Hair Extensions


Clarify your client’s hair. We recommend washing two times. Scrub well. In this process, you want to remove any oils and conditioners and products from the client’s hair. If there is any residue on the hair, you can jeopardize the life of the bond, or worse, keep the bond from attaching at all. Be sure your client has completely CLEAN hair.


Dry your client’s hair. You may want to have them sit under a hood dryer if you have any other prepping to finish (taking hair out of packages, turn on your applicator tool.) Do not comb through your client’s hair prior to drying, it will be very tangled from the clarifiying shampoo and you could damage the hair or even worse, hurt your client! Dry thoroughly then comb through.


Smooth and Flat Iron your client’s hair. Especially if your client has curly hair! This is important to tame the hair and allow for the easiest application process.


Make your first section around the parameter of your client’s head from the nape around to the temples. Leave 2 fingers space of hair for covering the bonds. You will want to use your sectioning clips to hold the hair on top of the head and the banana clips to hold the hair close above the section you are working on.


Make your first strand section. Using your sectioning/protector guard, make your attachment section. You want to match the section of hair to the size of the tip. Don’t take too much hair because it won’t all hold in the bond. Don’t take too little hair because it could pull out of the client’s scalp which could lead to bumps and bald patched on your client’s head. After determining the proper section size, check for any fly away and cross hairs. With your even section in one hand, place the tip under the section, between your fingers. You want the bond to be attached about ½” away  from the scalp. Holding the hair just below the bond, use you applicator tool to gently tap the bond with the hair for 2-3 seconds. You will see the bond melt. After you see the bond melt, set down your tool and use that hand to flatten the bond into the section. Check that the bond is evenly attached with the hair. If it is not, you may tap the bond again and press again. Be careful not to repeat this procedure too many times on a single bond, A little bit of the polymer is left on the applicator tool with each tap. Repeat the procedure around your first section to make your next section, measure two fingers width space and follow the same path from the back of the head around the sides. Complete this process until you are satisfied with the fullness or you reach the lowest part of the crown. Do not apply bonds on the top of the head! Some client’s may want to add some strands through the front and fringe area. This is acceptable but you need to make sure your client understands that this area of the head is more difficult to conceal with every day wear.


Blending. Use a razor to cut off any desired length and blend into the client’s natural hair. If you are not proficient with a razor, you may point cut and slide cut but the razor is the best tool for cutting and blending hair extensions.

REMOVAL of Fusion Hair Extensions

Apply a drop of the keratin solvent on the hair extension bond, wait a few seconds and break the bond using the removal plier by crunching several times around the bond using the plier removal tool. Holding the client’s hair above the bond securely, gently pull by the end of the extension hair or on the bond, the bond will detach from the client’s hair. If it does not pull smoothly, use the plier tool to crunch the bond several more times and pull by the end of the extensions hair again. Some bonds may require more work than others.