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Nano Rings Method

nano hair bannerNano Rings:

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Nano hair extensions are another brilliant strand by strand hair extension method. They are attached with tiny rings that come in several colours for a close match to the root hair shade.  They are available in different colors to closely match your hair.  The smallest nano ring available is 2.5mm and can ONLY be used with Nano tips hair extensions. The Nano rings are made of metal and are NOT  lined with silicone since a tiny ring. This method of extensions is a great way of allowing your natural hair to grow out while they are attached. Wearing this type of hair extensions is a  great way that doesn’t use any heat or any glue; they are an excellent alternative to those who do not wish to have fusion bonded hair extensions. Over the past two years, Micro-rings have become increasingly popular with celebrities due to their low maintenance and as clients will have the option to re-use the hair over and over again which makes them very cost effective.

Nano rings can be worn for up to 2-3 months before maintenance, and the actual hair can last up to a year, with proper hair care. Aftercare is of paramount importance with the ring system as the bond may deteriorate causing the metal tip of the nano extension to come loose.

Marquesa Hair presents genuine products, of the best quality in beauty world – the perfect, natural “Nano Hair” extension. The result of latest technology and hard work is 16”(inches) or 18”(inches) in for In stock, and custom 12”-24”. Marquesa is 100% Virgin Remy hair, with NO FILLERS, animal hairs or Synthetic mix.  Our hair is soft, and beautiful, with an unparallel craftsmanship!



AMAZING Natural Virgin Hair 12”to24” Indian, Brazilian and Russian hair in length hair (purchased through auction houses) is processed using advanced thermo-technology that makes the hair feel healthy, shiny and lustrous. To ensure convenient packaging, the treated hair is divided and sorted for the technical reason. Our strands are full from roots to end(DOUBLE DRAWN) weighting .08g per strand, and packaged in bundles of 40 strands per package.  Our Nano tip hair is glued together using an innovative Italian keratin resin, designed specifically for Marquesa hair. Buy our human hair extension and get the most beautiful and long hair you have always dreamed!