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Application, Removal and Care

Application and care for Marquesa Mink Lashes 

How to apply and remove & care for your mink lashes

  • Application
  • Removal
  • Care

Handle with Care


Remove lashes gently from the tray with your hands or a tweezer, do not tug or pull on the fur, only handle from the band.

Measure & trim


Fit the lashes to the base of your natural lash line, trim any excess from the outer corner of the lashes.

Apply lash glue/adhesive


Apply lash glue /adhesive along the entire cotton band and wait a few seconds for the glue to become sticky or a little dry. We recommend for you to use a professional, top  grade, hypoallergenic eyelash glue/adhesive.

Adhere & hold lashes


Apply the lashes to the base of your natural lash line, and hold for a few seconds for the strip to dry.

Removal of our Mink Lashes

Step 1. Dissolve Glue.

lash removal 1

Using a cotton swab, dab some oil-free makeup remover along the band of the lashes. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dissolve.

Gently rub off the lash glue with q-tip.

Gently peel or wipe off remnants of lash glue from the lash band with a moist cotton swab. The glue-free lashes will  keep your lashes lightweight and flexible, extending the life and comfort of your lashes.

Step 2. Clean off the adhesive from lash band

After you have removed the mink lashes from your lash lid, they may have some glue left on the band. You should remove the extra glue with care. Try not to pull the mink hairs and very important –always clean off the adhesive just after you have removed the mink lashes.

lash removal 2

Be extra careful, push down the lashes by the band area. If you notice any resistance while the removal, repeat dissolving glue once again. (step 1)  Band should come off eyes without any effort. Do not  pull band or tug on the individual strands of mink lashes.


Store in the proper casing after use.

lash storage

Keep your lashes in mint condition by storing them in their original casing after use, to prevent any unwanted dust, dirt, or debris from collecting.


Always handle your lashes with care, do not tug on your mink lashes. Do not soak or wash the lashes. After use,  store you clean lashes in its original casing. Some natural shedding may occur over time, do not worry, this is normal.  Avoid the use of Mascara or products on your new lashes.