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Marquesa Eyebrows

People’s eyebrows give humans the ability to express a range of feelings and emotions, from flirting or sending a silent greeting – to expressing agreement, surprise, or disbelief. Although you might not have considered wearing false eyebrows, they are an excellent alternative for hair loss due to medical reasons; e.g. alopecia, cancer treatments, and aging. Marquesa Eyebrow Wigs are so realistic; they look better than your own.  Our eyebrows are absolutely AMAZING, they save you time, and they are cost-effective.  Our high-quality pair will last for months, providing a great solution for anyone going through or recovering from chemotherapy, as well as for individuals who have little to no eyebrows. Marquesa offers a wide assortment of fake eyebrow options in various shapes, and colors for women, men, and children. Our eyebrow replacement wigs are the perfect solution when you seek for an alternative.


Our eyebrow gives you the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. Made with 100% REAL VIRGIN hair, and individually hand placed on a realistic skin-like base or Swiss Lace, for the most natural looking eyebrow ever crafted.


For ANYONE suffering from Alopecia, or Any medical reason this professional quality eyebrow wig is the closest thing on the market to the real eyebrow.

All eyebrow wigs have a very natural shape with a minimal curve in the brow line.

Each piece of hair is individually hand placed on a skin-like, flexible gel backing, or a Swiss Lace material for the most natural eyebrows ever crafted. This detail gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. Each eyebrow is a Special piece of art. For women who have lost their eyebrow hair, this is the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.

Designed exclusively for, our eyebrows can be worn for several days at a time without having to reapply them. They will last for months if you properly cared for them.   Marquesa eyebrows can be color enhanced with an eyebrow pencil, and shape as desired.

Our eyebrows can be trim to shape if desired. If you need to shape the eyebrows, the base should be cut very carefully.  Cut in between the hair roots so that the hairs are not unnecessarily cut off from the base.

We recommend our specially formulated  Eyelash and Eyebrow Adhesive, sold separately, to hold our Realistic Eyebrows in place. Try our Eyebrow Adhesive Remover to remove the adhesive from the brows. Keep them Eyebrows clean when not in use.

Our customers find that they can wear a single pair of eyebrows for 2-4 months if worn daily.  Our eyebrows can be worn in the shower, although prolonged submersion is not recommended, we advise you not to wear them in the pool, due to the harshness of the pool’s chemicals.

Due to the personal nature of this product and the risk of tampering with the glue, our product is not returnable.

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