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Marquesa Eyebrow Wigs F.A.Q.

                                                      Frequently Asked Questions

Do the eyebrows come in various sizes and shapes?

We have an assortment of colors and shapes for men and women. If you wish, our eyebrows can be trim for a more specific arch or look.  .Our eyebrows can be trimmed by the wearer (ideally using a delicate pair of scissors) to suit the gender and face shape. We currently keep various shapes in stock, a low arch (although there are slight variations in shape because the product is 100% handmade). We can however,  custom make any shape and hair colour.

Are Marquesa Eyebrows used by men?

Approximately 40% of our customers are men.

Can I wear the eyebrows to bed?

Like false eyelashes, we recommend that the brows are removed at night and worn again in the morning.

 Can I wear the eyebrows while bathing, swimming and exercising?

The eyebrows are not designed for water sports, swimming or bathing. Be careful not to immerse the False eyebrows when using the shower. If you exercise, the sweat and water may cause the eyebrow adhesive to lose its bond.

 How should I remove the brow?

We always recommend for you to follow the instructions accompanied your adhesive (Remember., strong long-hold adhesives,  may require the use of an adhesive remover). Make sure you always clean your face and the false eyebrows with a gentle touch.

Where should I place the brow?

The eyebrow should always start directly above the inner corner of the eye. This detail will give you a more natural look.  The arch of the eyebrow should be a bit beyond the outer corner of the iris. The eyebrow should end above the outer corner of the eye.  Your application is complete after this.

How strong should the adhesive be?

The adhesive should be strong enough for daily use.  A strong  medical grade adhesives can be bought for a longer and durable hold.