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VOLUMA Clip In Hair Extensions 8pcs / 10pcs



Marquesa VOLUMA Clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution when you are deciding to grow your hair out, or for a way to add length instantly. Application takes a matter of minutes and it’s so easy to do anyone can master the process. Temporary clip in hair extensions allow you to clip them in and take them out whenever you want.

Clip-In hair is applied using small metal clips that are pre-attached to the hair extension. Clip-In hair can be ordered in narrow single clip extensions or a full-head assortment of wefts. You may apply Clip-In hair, with or without the help of a professional stylist.

Marquesa Hair have a wide and beautiful range of clip in hair extensions produced in a variety of natural colors, lengths, textures and grades that should blend perfectly with your hair.

VOLUMA Clip in hair extensions are temporary, interchangeable hair extensions that you can “clip on” to your natural hair. The advantages of using clip in extensions as opposed to professionally applied hair extensions are that you can play around with different colors and looks without the need for professional application. Professionally applied hair extensions are semi-permanent – lasting for approximately three months – and as such cannot be interchanged with ease.

Change your look for less

VOLUMA Clip in hair extensions are a lot less expensive than professionally applied extensions, so you can experiment with new styles and colors at much less cost. Have a new look every week and intrigue your friends!

Looking after your clip-ins

Storing your clip in extensions

Store your clip in human hair extensions with the clips closed.
Do not sleep with your clip in hair extensions in your hair.

Our VOLUMA Clip in extensions line are washable

Due to the clip in extensions’ high quality and durability you can wash and wear them to your hearts content. Keeping your hair extensions clean and well maintained is of course important and you can do this much the same as you would do with your normal hair.

However, whilst performing any cleaning or straightening on your extensions do not do so with them attached to your hair – your clip ins are attached to much less of your hair than are the professional ones so the hair is carrying more weight and could be damaged by additional strain.

The easy solution to this is to get a friend to hold them up as you wash or straighten your hair, do this just as you would with your normal hair using shampoo and conditioner, or if straightening a pair of straightening irons or blow drying whilst using a round brush.


10 Pieces Clip in Hair 

Full Head Clip in Hair Set of 8 or 10 Pieces provides the most natural amount of hair.

The Set comes in 10 Pieces Single Weft Clip in Hair and 10 Pieces Double Wefted Clip in Hair.


VOLUMA Clip-in Hair Extensions Questions & Answers

Q. Will clip-in hair extensions damage my hair?

A. No, providing you follow our instructions, it is very important they are applied and removed properly and should not be left in when sleeping. Please see our Instructions DVD or Video clip on our website for a demonstration

Q. Can I keep using my clip-in hair extensions time after time?

A. Yes, you can just make sure you follow our instructions about applying and removing.

Q. Can I keep my clip-in hair extensions in my hair over night?

A. No, this is not advisable at all. The clips used to apply your new hair extensions are not safe to leave in your hair whilst sleeping. This could also be quite uncomfortable for you when sleeping.

Q. Can I cut my clip-in hair extensions?

A. Yes,  you can but it is advisable to ask your hairdresser to do this for you, your hairdresser is skilled in cutting hair and clip-in hair extensions require the same skill as cutting your own natural hair. Please note that real hair is cut using traditional scissors but synthetic hair needs to be cut and shaped using a hairdressing razor tool.

Q. Can I wash my clip-in hair extensions?

A. Yes, you can, but not while they are attached to your hair, please remove the clips first and then proceed to the wash and condition.

(Instructions) ADD LINK HERE

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to add highlights, thickness or simply make your hair longer. Marquesa Hair extensions will last at least a year depending on how often they are worn and how well they are taken care of.

These simple tips will help you take the best care of your hair extensions so that they will last a long time, without losing any of its luster and natural vitality.

 1. Pour a small amount of shampoo into lukewarm water.

2. Gently immerse the clip-in hair extensions in water until saturated, lift the extensions in and out of the water and repeat a few times.

3. Once cleansed, rinse thoroughly in clean lukewarm water.

4. Condition the hair with conditioner of choice.

5. Rinse with clean water and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Do not twist or wring hair.

6. Shake the hair pieces well to remove excess water and leave to air-dry at room temperature. Never comb or brush while they’re wet.

7. Be sure to open and pat dry clips individually to remove excess water.

Q. Can I Style & Curl my Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Nothing looks worse than damaged hair from breakage or frizzing. Both are problems that can be caused by the overuse of blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons. It is best to limit use of high temperature styling tools on your hair extensions to a minimal to preserve the hair vitality. More effective approaches are air-drying, heated rollers, hair noodles and braiding hair to achieve wave patterns. If heat is a must; A heat protecting spray should always be used on hair extensions to help reduce the risk of heat damage. In addition, always use a soft bristle to gently brush your hair Extensions before and after use.

Q. Can I straighten my clip-in hair extensions using straightening irons or blow-dry them with a round brush?

A. Yes,  you can. It is important to do this with the clip-in extensions not attached to your hair. Ask a friend to help hold each clip-in extension whilst you straighten the hair using either straightening irons when dry or blow drying with a round brush when damp.
The reason why it is important not to do this whilst your extensions are in your hair is because clip-in extensions are not the same as professionally applied hair extensions. They are applied to less of your hair than the equivalent amount of hair weight with professionally applied extensions. In short, your hair is supporting more weight using clip-in hair extensions. This is perfectly safe providing you follow the instructions.

Q. How do I choose Straight or wavy clip in hair extensions?

A. This is really is down to you, wavy is best unless you hair is dead straight, or if you constantly straighten your hair and do not like the slightly wavy look.

Q. Can I use any products with my clip-in hair extensions?

A. Yes you can. Any products that are suitable for human or synthetic hair will be compatible with your clip-in extensions.

Q. How do I tell you the Color I want to order?

A.Simply call or send us an email.

Is it possible to fit the clip in hair myself?

Yes, it’s very easy. Please ask for our recommended online video link after purchase if required.

Q. How are the hair extensions attached?

A.The hair extensions are made of strips of real human hair, each strip is a specific size and has micro clips already attached to them. The clips are pressure sensitive and clipped into the hair between sections. This ensures they are hidden, secure and natural looking.

Q. Are the clip ins easy to look after?

A. VERY EASY, just look after them as if they were your own.

Q. Will people be able to see if I am wearing hair extensions?

A. The beauty of clip in extensions is the natural look that can be achieved with them. Once fitted, they are a perfect blend with your own hair.

Q. How long does my hair need to be to wear Clip in Extensions?

A. The shortest you hair should be for best results can be min of 4 – 6 inches long. Hair any shorter than this will not be able to hide the clips.

Q. How long do they take to put into my hair?

A. They should take roughly 5 – 10minutes to put in. Like anything, the more you do it the quicker you will get at it. Just think how long it would take you to grow your hair this long?

Q. How long will the hair last?

A. The better you look after your extensions the longer they will last. We use the best quality Remy human hair so depending on use and as long as you apply heat protection spray when using hot tools they could last 2 – 3 years. We also recommend that you regularly use deep conditioning treatments on your hair. Use an Intensive treatment on your hair extensions as it provides much needed nutrients and natural oils to moisturize the extensions as they don’t receive natural oils from you scalp like your natural hair does.

Q. How do they attach to my hair?

A. They clip in under your hair by small snap on clips that have been sewn onto the extensions. The clips we use have a silicone insert so they don’t slip off or damage your hair. They are less than 1 inch wide and are the similar color as your extensions so they blend in perfectly to your natural hair. The clips don’t pull at your hair and will not ruin your natural hair at all.

Q. What type of hair do you use?

A. We use 100% Premium Remy Human Hair.

Q. Will clip in extensions ruin my hair?

A.  Absolutely not. Extensions, which are glued or sewn in, can ruin your natural hair. Clip-in extensions won’t ruin your hair at all.

Q. Can I cut my extensions?

A. Yes,  you can but we recommend you get your hairdresser to do this for you.

Q. Can I swim with my hair extensions in?

A. You sure can. Nothing is sexier than a girl coming out of the ocean with wet long hair with a sexy swimsuit. Guys will drool over you!

Q. Can I dye my extensions?

A. Yes,  you can. Again it is always best to get your hairdresser to do this for you. They have higher quality hair dye and will be able match your hair color up more precisely. It is always best to do a small sample section first.